CellProtect, autologous ex vivo expanded and activated NK cells with increased tumor killing capacity, is the lead investigational drug candidate of XNK Therapeutics.

The nature of CellProtect as an autologous NK cell-based therapy product allows it to be used as an adjunct therapy to current clinical praxis and/or in combination with other treatments to potentially enhance the clinical effect. CellProtect has a well-documented safety profile. The product has been granted Orphan Drug Designation (ODD) for the treatment of Multiple myeloma in the US (United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)) as well as in the European Union (EMA). The product is planned to reach the market via accelerated/conditional approval both in the US and Europe.

Therapy areas

Multiple myeloma

Multiple myeloma (MM), the company’s first target for CellProtect, is the third most frequent hematological malignancy worldwide. MM treatment has improved over the last two decades with the development and introduction of new agents leading to more effective treatments. Regardless of this, MM remains a fatal disease in the majority of cases. New therapies are needed in this context.

Other areas

CellProtect has ideal properties for being a critical component in tomorrow’s cancer treatment strategies. XNK Therapeutics is currently evaluating different additional targets for CellProtect.

Follow up studies

A Phase II clinical trial combining CellProtect with an anti-cancer antibody was initiated in the beginning of 2021. Other trial set-ups in different conditions are in progress.