NK cells are central to innate immune defense and have two important functions in the body: to kill virus-infected and tumor cells, and to interact with other cells as part of the immune response process. NK cells effectively recognize virus-infected cells and tumor cells, making NK cells an important part of the body’s protection against cancer.

XNK Therapeutics, which was founded in 2012, has developed its own proprietary platform technology and an autologous drug candidate, CellProtect, to target cancer, especially for use in situations where allogeneic cell products are difficult to use. Clinical trials are currently underway to assess for a possible first indication, multiple myeloma, but XNK also intends to evaluate CellProtect for other oncological indications.

XNK Therapeutics has identified several potential new oncological indications, relating to both hematological and solid tumors, for which CellProtect may prove to be effective treatment, either as monotherapy or in combination with antibodies. XNK Therapeutics intends to continue evaluating several new potential cancer indications in preclinical studies while concurrently conducting ongoing and planned clinical studies relating to multiple myeloma.