Johan LiwingAdvancing the pipeline

It has been another busy quarter for XNK. Following the previous period when we raised SEK 132 million from existing and new investors, led by Flerie Invest AB, and continued to expand our pipeline, we didn’t slow down. Our focus is to drive our pipeline forward and ensure that we have the key talent and tools needed to benefit from the rising interest in natural killer (NK) cell therapies to treat cancer. Our ambition is also to expand the number of R&D programs. We broadened the company’s pipeline at the end of the second quarter with a new program targeting urothelial cancer, the most common form of bladder cancer. This was an important milestone for XNK as it is our first project applied toward solid tumors and opens the door for other opportunities within this area in the future. XNK’s pipeline now consists of five indications, with the lead product evencaleucel in phase 2, highlighting just how far XNK and our platform technology have come over the past couple of years.

We will continuously consider other indications going forward. During the third quarter we successfully completed the building phase of XNK’s new GMP clean room facility. The first technical batch was successfully produced, showing our ability to run a production process. The new facility will enable the aseptic production of ATMPs and clinical material for future studies and make possible larger clinical studies with our natural killer cell-based therapies. We also appointed Dr. Anna-Karin Maltais as Chief Scientific Officer. She will be responsible for further developing and implementing XNK’s scientific strategy and leading a team responsible for research and innovation with focus on continuing the development of the company’s platform as well as improving the production processes and executing operational research plans. At the end of the quarter, the generic name evencaleucel was, after recommendation from the World Health Organziation, adopted for our lead candidate targeting multiple myeloma.

XNK announced earlier this year that the first patient with multiple myeloma was treated in a Phase II clinical study using evencaleucel in combination with Sanofi’s anti-CD38 antibody Sarclisa (isatuximab) at the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm. The clinical study is ongoing, and a number of additional patients have been recruited and randomized since then. Evencaleucel will now be used in all communications going forward. XNK has an ambitious plan to make a difference for cancer patients. It is encouraging that we have a growing pipeline, the talent, and finances to continue our great work. Thanks for following us.

Johan Liwing