XNK Therapeutics targets broader pipeline opportunities for its NK cell therapy

September 29, 2021

September 29, 2021

XNK Therapeutics AB (“XNK”) today announced plans to further expand the scope of its proprietary technology platform of natural killer (NK) cell therapies outside of multiple myeloma to also include other cancer indications to broaden the pipeline. The company will begin the preclinical and commercial work to expand the pipeline and expects to announce a decision in Q1 2022.

XNK is at the forefront of the clinical development and manufacturing of autologous natural killer cell-based products by using its proprietary technology platform. XNK has promising clinical data in multiple myeloma and the scientific rationale for applying XNK’s technology in other indications, including solid cancers, is strong.

“Our effort to treat multiple myeloma is progressing with our primary candidate drug just entering into a phase 2 study, making it the ideal time for the company to broaden its pipeline to include other cancer indications and fully leverage our expertise in NK cell-therapy” said Johan Liwing, CEO of XNK Therapeutics.

To further strengthen its scientific capabilities and boost upcoming development programs, XNK has recently expanded its management team with the hiring of Michael Uhlin as Chief Scientific Officer and Dr. Johan Aschan as Chief Medical Officer, both of whom have extensive expertise in immunotherapy.

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